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Weekly Information

September 10th, 2017

Next Lord’s Day –September 17th, 2017

11:00 AM Worship

Canadian Idols Part 2

Scripture:  2 Cor 5: 16-21

Worship Team – 

CABC (Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches) – Weekly prayer – September 10th, 2017

            • A new school year has begun. Please pray for students as they get back into the routine. Pray also for students at Crandall University & Acadia Divinity College. If you have students in your church, encourage them and pray for them.

            Church to pray for: Lawrencetown United Baptist Church, Lawrencetown, NS (Annapolis - Digby Association, Region 8); Rev. Patty Beals.

Weekly In Our Church Family

September 12th- 2:00 p.m. Tuesday - Bible Study and Prayer Meeting at Aenon Baptist.

Sept 13th, 7 pm to 9pm., Wednesday – Bible Study group at David & Kelly Moore’s home, 23 Target Hill Rd., Chester. Phone No. 902-275-2229. Topic: ‘Address the Mess’ with Andy Stanley. Everyone is invited.

Sept 15th, 6:30 to 8pm, Friday – Youth Group – Elementary, Junior High, and High School groups.  Pizza and Games this Friday


Sept. 12, 7:00 pm Tuesday – WMS/ABW meet in classroom downstairs. Roll call word ‘Baby’. New members are welcome.

Sept. 14th, 10:30am, Thursday – WMS will provide church service at Shoreham Village.

Sept. 14th 7:00pm Thursday, Deacons Meeting

Sept. 16th 11am – 3pm Saturday, Community Fun Day hosted here at ABC. We need your help, please consider volunteering.

Sept. 23rd 9:00am -2pm Saturday, Workshop for those interested with Youth Ministry (youth group, Sunday School, junior church)  Guest Speaker Renee Embree.

Sept. 24th Sunday, Potluck after church and a Lunch and Learn with the Gideons.  Speaker is Doug Cleveland.

Sept. 30th 9:30am- 12pm Saturday. Association Meeting at Mahone Bay Baptist

October 1st, Sunday 3pm – Gospel Lights at WSUBC

October 1st, Sunday 6:45 pm – Gospel concert at Aenon Baptist Church, 57 Highway 12. Special Guests – River Side Ramblers, Country Blue, Jesses Beck and Agnes Clinton & Richard Eldridge. Free will offering. Everyone welcome!

October 3rd 7:00pm Tuesday, Fall Quarterly Meeting in the Fellowship Hall.

October 15th 3:00pm Sunday – Association Music Rally Mahone Bay Baptist

October 22nd, 3:00 pm, Sunday- Pastor Joe’s Ordination Service

Sherwood Church Services 2017start 3:00pm – (last) Sept 24 -Rev. Ron Baxter and music by Charlton and Marie Levy


In Loving memory of Betty (Dean) Eisnor from Rhonda Webber. Thomas & Donna Clattenburg, Donna, Bill & Evelyn Langille and Sylvia Webber.

In Loving memory of Andrew Shute from Myrna M. Reeves.

In Loving memory of Roy Lohnes from Myrna M. Reeves.
Memorials – (Cont’d)

In Loving memory of Harold Spidle from Joy.

In loving Betty (Dean) Eisnor from Cheryl Morrow & family.

In Loving memory of Andrew Shute, Sonny Sawler, Betty Eisnor, Phyllis Langille (Cousin), Parker Reeves from Richard & Mary Eldridge.

Aenon Building Project Memorial and Donation Board

          •For a donation of $35 you can place a plaque on the board

          •These plaques can be in a memorial or a donation

          •Contact Paula Arenburg or Betty Eisnor for a form

LongLake Camp needs our help:

1. Share`a wage program for Junior leaders

2. Rising food costs. Suggestion of every member giving $5.

Pastor Joe’s contact information:

Face book @ Joe Green

Twitter @greenjosephd

Or simply call the church and leave a message


Monday: Psalm 121; Exodus 12:14-28; 1 Peter 2:11-17

Tuesday: Psalm 121; Exodus 12:29-42; Romans 13:1-7

Wednesday: Psalm 121; Exodus 13:1-10; Matthew 21:18-22

Thursday: Psalm 114; Exodus 13:17-22; 1 John 3:11-16

Friday: Psalm 114; Exodus 14:1-18; Acts 7:9-16

Saturday: Psalm 114; Exodus 15:19-21; Matthew 6:7-15

Bulletin Information please contact Carla at

Kelly Moore