Aenon Baptist Church
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Weekly Information

August 13th, 2017

Next Lord’s Day –August 20th, 2017

11:00 AM Worship- Eschatology Part 1: Daniel 7: 1-14

Worship Team – Bonnie, Betty, Mary & Agnes

CABC (Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches) – Weekly prayer – August 13th, 2017  

            • 164th AUBA Sessions, August 18-20 – Pray for our African United Baptist Association brothers and sisters as they gather to celebrate the past year and vision for the coming years. Come join and celebrate! 

            • Church to pray for: New Heights Baptist Church, Arcadia, NS (Yarmouth Association, Region 9); Rev. Craig Minard.

Our church family notices

Tuesday – 2:00 pm Bible Study and Prayer Meeting Resumes September 5th
Summer Ministry

Preschool Club - Ages 3-5 @ CUBC with Kathryn Green and Kyria Bond from 9:30 -11:30 am Every Monday of the summer.

Kids Club - Ages 6-11 @ CUBC with Kathryn Green and Kyria Bond from 9:30 -11:30 am Every Tuesday of the summer.

AENON Jr. High Kids Club - Grades 5-9 @ AENON Baptist Church with Pastor Joe Green, Kathryn Green and Kyria Bond EVERY Thursday from 1:0 – 3:00 PM

August 16th – August 19th – 9:00 am to 2:00 pm - Indoor Yard Sale at Chester United Baptist Church. Proceeds to the sound system.

 August 18th, Friday night at 6:30 pm Karaoke at Aenon. Come try your vocals and have fun (you may have a hidden talent)


Sept. 6th 7:00pm Wednesday, Leadership meeting

Sept. 10th, 6:30 PM Sunday, Farewell Gospel concert with Dan Green & friends

Sept. 14th 7:00pm Thursday, Deacons Meeting

Sept. 16th 11am – 3pm Saturday, Community Fun Day hosted here at ABC

Sept. 23rd 9:00am -2pm Saturday, Workshop for those interested with Youth Ministry (youth group, Sunday School, junior church)  Guest Speaker Renee Embree.

Sept. 24th Sunday, Potluck after church and a Lunch and Learn with the Gideons.  Speaker is Doug Cleveland.

Sept. 30th 9:30am- 12pm Saturday. Association Meeting at Mahone Bay Baptist

October 3rd 7:00pm Tuesday, Fall Quarterly Meeting in the Fellowship Hall.

Sherwood Church Services 2017 (all events start 3:00pm)

Sept 24 -Rev. Ron Baxter and music by Charlton and Marie Levy

Shoreham Village Store - Volunteers needed. Looking for folks in the community who have an interest in volunteering in our new Shoreham Variety Store.  We need spares for Monday to Fridays 1-3 pm and interested folks who may be able to open the store in the evenings 6-8 pm and weekends 1-3 pm. If you can help any of these times please contact 902-275-5631 ext. 233

 Condolences - Our church family would like to extend deepest condolences to Mike & Bonnie Leary in the passing of Mike’s dad, Henry. Gideon bibles have been placed in his memory.

Memorial- In Loving memory of Sonny Sawler from Myrna M. Reeves

Church Constitution – Anyone who would like an electronic copy of the Revised Constitution, please contact Secretary Paulette Countway, There will be some hard copies as well, on the back table in church.

Aenon Building Project Memorial and Donation Board

          •For a donation of $35 you can place a plaque on the board

          •These plaques can be in a memorial or a donation

          •Contact Paula Arenburg or Betty Eisnor for a form

LongLake Camp needs our help:

1. Share`a wage program for Junior leaders

2. Rising food costs. Suggestion of every member giving $5.

Pastor Joe’s contact information:

Face book @ Joe Green

Twitter @greenjosephd

Or simply call the church and leave a message


Monday: Psalm 28; Genesis 37:29-36; 2 Peter 2:4-10

Tuesday: Psalm 28; Genesis 39:1-23; Romans 9:14-29

Wednesday: Psalm 28; Genesis 40:1-23; Matthew 8:23-27

Thursday: Psalm 133; Genesis 41:14-36; Revelation 15:1-4

Friday: Psalm 133; Genesis 41:37-57; Acts 14:19-28

Saturday: Psalm 133; Genesis 42:1-28; Matthew 14:34-36

Bulletin Information please contact Carla at

Kelly Moore