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Weekly Information

October 29th, 2017


October 29th, Sunday 3:00 pm – Autumn Gospel Music service at Lapland United Baptist Church featuring Royal Juncat, Bonded Connection, Richard Burgess and Chester Moss. A freewill offering will be received for church purposes. Following the service there will be a Potluck Supper at the Lapland District Fire Hall. 

October 29th, Sunday 3:30 pm – Gospel concert at New Cornwall Baptist church featuring Country and Gospel recording artist, Matt Balsor. Potluck supper to follow. Freewill offering. Proceeds support Soul’s Harbour Rescue Mission in Bridgewater. 

Next Lord’s Day – November 5th - CBAC SUNDAY

11:00 AM Worship and Communion

Scripture: Deuteronomy 34: 1-12, What’s Next?

Worship Team – David B., Arthur and Murray

CABC (Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches) – Weekly prayer – October 29th, 2017 

          • The annual ministry wives retreat, REFRESH, happens November 3-5. Please pray for safety and protection as they travel to and from the retreat and ask that God will richly bless and renew them as they gather together for worship, learning and fun. Please also use this opportunity to pray for and show appreciation for your pastor’s spouse, being aware of and responsive to their ongoing need for friendship, encouragement and support within the fellowship of the local church.

          • Church to pray for: Burtts Corner Baptist Church Inc., Burtts Corner, NB (York Association, Region 2); Pastor Stephen L. Hoyt.

Weekly In Our Church Family

EVERY TUESDAY- 2:00 p.m.  - Bible Study and Prayer Meeting at Aenon Baptist church.  

EVERY WEDNESDAY, 7 pm to 9pm., – Bible Study group at David & Kelly Moore’s home, 23 Target Hill Rd., Chester. Phone No. 902-275-2229. Everyone is invited. 

EVERY FRIDAY, YOUTH GROUP – 6pm to 7:30pm Elementary school ages, 6pm to 8:30pm Jr. High school ages, 7pm to 8:30pm High school ages


October 30th, 2:30, Monday – WMS will host Birthday Party at Shoreham. If you are unable to attend, please give your Gift by the 29th to Mary Eldridge.  

November 5th, Sunday 3:00pm – An afternoon with the Kenny’s at WSUBC 

November 5th, Sunday 6:45pm - Gospel music night at Aenon Baptist Church, Musical Guests: Jeff & Debbie Beck with Stephen Veinotte: Bluegrass Country Crossroads with (Wilford White, Buddy Boutilier & Carmon Jackson) Chester Moss: Agnes Clinton. Free will offering. Everyone Welcome! 

November 5th, Sunday 7:00 pm – Evening of Music & Missions at Pleasantville Baptist Church. Featuring Pleasantville Baptist Men’s Choir (Alsmen) and Darrel & Laura Lee Bustin- Field Staff with Canadian Baptist Ministries, Rwanda. The Alsmen will open the evening with some music and then we will hear an update from the Bustin’s about their ministry in Rwanda. An offering will be taken. There will be refreshments to end the evening.

Nov. 7th – 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, WMS meeting at Aenon downstairs. 

Nov. 13th – 11:00 a.m. World Day of Prayer at Western Shore Baptist church. All welcome. Followed by noon luncheon. Speaker Darlene Mullin (former CBM Rep for Thailand and inter-varsity fellowship. Topic: Transforming lives for Jesus.


I would like to thank everyone for the prayers, calls, cards, visits, food, all the moral support and love. I am truly blessed!                                                                        Natalie 

New: Visitation Committee Training evenings beginning Oct 19 7pm in the choir room.  (Postponed until November – stay tuned)

Aenon Building Project Memorial and Donation Board

          •For a donation of $35 you can place a plaque on the board

          •These plaques can be in a memorial or a donation

          •Contact Paula Arenburg or Betty Eisnor for a form 

Long  Lake Camp needs our help:

Individual donations welcome or donate through our church.

Pastor Joe’s contact information:

Face book @ Joe Green

Twitter @greenjosephd

Or simply call the church and leave a message 


Monday: Psalm 119:41-48; Numbers 33:38-39; James 2:8-13

Tuesday: Psalm 119:41-48; Exodus 34:29-35; James 2:14-26

Wednesday: Psalm 34: 1-10; Rev 7: 9-17; Matt 5: 1-12

Thursday: Psalm 107:1-7, 33-37; Joshua 1:1-11; Romans 2:17-29

Friday: Psalm 107:1-7, 33-37; Joshua 2:1-14; 2 Peter 2:1-3

Saturday: Psalm 107:1-7, 33-37; Joshua 2:15-24; Matt 23:13-28

Kelly Moore